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Thank you for your interest in J-access.

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Handling of Personal Information

All personal information collected and used by us shall be handled safely and appropriately within necessary scope of duties by authorized personnels.
However, handling of Specific Personal Information shall be based on our “Standard policy for appropriate handling of Specific Personal Information”.

1. Customer Service regarding Personal Information

Location:Umeda East Bldg. 7th fl., Taiyuji 5-15, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka 530-0051
PIC:Tomoshige Takeda, Assistant GM at Corporate Planning Dep., PMS Manager
Phone:81-6-6316-8660 (Weekdays: 10:00-17:00 )

2. Purpose of use of Personal Information ( Scope of disclosure )

Purpose of use Obtained personal information

Business correspondence in relation to our services

Name, Phone number, Address, Fax number, Email addres, Company name, Department, and etc.

3. Entrustment of Personal Information

We shall never entrust “Personal Information of clients”, “Personal Information of applicants” to any third parties for information processing and such.

4. Providing Personal Information

1. We shall never provide “Personal Information of clients”, “Personal Information of employment candidates” to any third parties. However, we may do so in the following cases:

a. Required by laws and regulations

b. Necessary to protect significant profit of the individual and/ or public such as life, health, property, and such, yet it is difficult to obtain a consent from the individual

c. Especially necessary for improvement of public health or childrens’ healthy growth, yet it is difficult to obtain a consent from the individual

d. Necessary to cooperate by pursuing duties established by regulations due to entrustment by the state agencies or local public entities, yet obtaining a consent from the individual may interfere with the pursuit of the duties.

2. We may provide personal information of former and current employees to the following:

a. Personnel suggestion and business contacts aligned with duties carried out of our office such as outsourcing and temporary assignment
Contents:Name, Department, Academic records, Employment history, Licensure/ Certification, and etc.
Method:Create skill sheets or such documents, and submit via e-mail, mail, or in person.

b. Submission to social insurance office in the jurisdiction for procedures for acquisition and loss of social insurance and such
Contents:Name, Date of birth, Address, Employment insurance number, Basic Pension Number, and etc.
Method:Fill-in specified form, and submit it to relevant agency via mail or in person.

5. Personal Information submission as options

Submitting your personal information is optional. It shall be done by the individual with thorough understanding of the purpose of the data collection. In case any personal information necessary is missing, we may request for re-submission. If you shall refuse to submit, employment to our company or use of our service shall become null and void.

6. Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion or suspension of Personal Information

In case you desire disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension, or suspension of submission to third parties, we shall correspond appropriately after ensuring your identity.

1. How to request
Fill-in our “Application for Personal Information disclosure, correction, deletion”, and submit it to our customer service by mail or in person along with a document to verify your identity. The request shall be made to the PIC established in “1”.

2. Document for identity verification

  • Driver License (duplicate) *Delete permanent address if any
  • Certificate of residence (original) *for individual only (not entire household)
  • Passport (duplicate of the photo page)
  • Health insurance card (duplicate)
  • Other documents for identity verification (it maybe subject to refusal if not verifiable)

If you are applying on behalf of the individual, please submit a document for procurator verification and a document for your identity verification.

7. Name of the “Affiliate Personal Information Protection Organization” we belong to and contacts for complaints

For complaints regarding handling of personal information in relation to corporations belonging to the Affiliate Personal Information Protection Organization, please contact the following:

Affiliate Personal Information Protection Organization JIPDEC
Location 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Contact Phone: 81-3-5860-7565